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Only the Most Natural Eczema Treatment | From Dermicoll Marine Collage

eczema treatment

The eczema is a common chronic pruritic inflammatory condition that appears mostly among children and young adults. The flares, characterized with red patches (or erythema), can appear like a skin eruptions, caused by stress or climate changes.

Apply a Collagen-Based Cream to Reduce Inflammation

In the majority of cases, eczema (local) treatments are effective on flare-ups: the application of a collagen -based cream is to reduce inflammation and pruritus.

The Dermicoll Marine Collage eczema treatment cream applied once or twice a day is essential to calm the inflammatory zones (usually 4 to 8 days after the first application) and quickly decrease the red and oozing lesions. Used according to the doctor's or dermatologist prescription, there are very rare side effects. However, they can also be used as an every day moisturizer cream.

The Inflammatory Area should be Treated Quickly and Sufficiently

As a second-line of eczema treatment and in most cases a more severe and resistant eczema, another treatment ( topical immunosuppressant ) may be prescribed (exceptional medicine, prescribed by dermatologists and pediatricians)

  • The Triggering Factors

The outbreaks of eczema can be caused by contact with irritants such as soaps, detergents, certain food, heat, and sweat.The dryness of the ambient air, flares, certain stressful situations can also cause itching and a surge of eczema.

  • Eczema Treatment Cream Reduces Inflammatory Issues

Regardless of the eczema intensity, taking good daily actions and taking care of your skin when irritated is essential. There is a various type of an eczema treatment. The most natural are the one that treats eczema without any side effects and chemical reactions. On thenon-inflammatory areas, an emollient cream also needs to be applied in order to rebuild the skin.

When the cream is applied directly to the inflammatory lesions it treats inflammation and redness, however, the emollients must be applied several times a day on the non-inflammatory zones. They will fight against cutaneous dryness ( xerosis ) and decrease the discomfort and the itching sensation related to dry skin.

  • Eczema Treatment: How to prevent it? How to Treat?

In preventing and/or complementing the treatment prescribed by a doctor (or dermatology), simple measures can be taken to increase the effectiveness of the cream treatment:

    • Do not irritate the skin.
    • A quick daily shower is will help.
    • Use only soap-free rolls or mild soap-free cleansers.
    • For a bath: do not add anything to the bath water: no soaps or foaming products.
    • Dry the skin by dabbing it without rubbing.
    • Wear cotton clothing, synthetics or wool can irritate the skin.
    • Avoid exposure to tobacco or allergic substances (animal hair, dust mites).
    • Ventilate the entire apartment or house for at least 10 minutes every day.
    • Be careful with the choice of the detergent and especially do not use those which contain phosphates or softeners incorporated.
    • Apply a very moisturizing emollient eczema treatment cream that restores the elasticity of the skin and prevents new flare-ups. T needs to be applied twice a day on the affected inflammatory

Collagen Deficiency Problem

It has recently been found that diseases associated with lack of collagen usually involve abnormalities in the immune system. The blood plasma of the patients is showing significant levels of autoantibodies (which attack the proteins of the tissues and cells). It is this reaction that leads to inflammation, in patients with arthritis, chronic tendonitis or bursitis and eczema. 

How to Fight Collagen Deficiency to Reduce Eczema?

To compensate for the lack of collagen, the only solution is to absorb it. We opted for Dermicoll Marine Collage as an eczema treatment best natural ingredient solution.

Despite providing amazing results on the joints overall, a Dermicoll Marine Collage cream brings benefits to all connective tissues, including the whole skin.

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