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External Treatment for Psoriasis – Dermicoll Marine Collagen cream/Ointment

Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common disease that affects 2 to 5% of the total world population. This non-contagious medical issue occurs on a genetic basis associated with the environmental factors (stresses, infections, medicines, etc ...). Generally benign, this disease can sometimes seriously alter the quality of life of an individual. In some rare cases, can even cause handicapped disorder condition.

Psoriasis as a disease of the skin and/or joints that affect the men, woman, child or infant, persists mostly throughout the whole life. However, treatment for psoriasis is necessary at any age. Psoriasis is most commonly characterized by "redness" and "flakes" which condition may worsen or improve depending on how a person treats it. These relapses are followed by periods of remission where dermatosis (skin disease) sometimes heal itself even without a treatment. There are a number of cases where the disease continues to evolve with fluctuations in severity but it never completely disappears.

The Treatment for Psoriasis Begins with a Cream

In the case of external psoriasis therapy (also known as local therapy or topical therapy), the active substances - for example in a form of a cream or gel are applied directly to the inflammatory skin areas.

Doctors usually start with cream treatment for psoriasis. Only if it does not result in any significant improvement or changes an internal (systemic) therapy is considered. This is the official and most common psoriasis treatment recommended by dermatologists.

An ointmentas a treatment for psoriasis - owing to their increased fat content, ointments are recommended for psoriasis, especially for particularly dry, highly scaly plaques.

Important for the application of the external therapy is the preparation: In order for the active ingredients of a psoriasis cream to get into the skin at all, the plaques must be decompressed. There are special creams, shampoos or bath preparations which mainly contain urea, salicylic acid or certain oils.

What are the Active and Key Ingredients that a Psoriasis Cream should Have?

  • Collagen - As we get older, the collagen begins to deteriorate. However, the rays of the sun and smoking, are also a common cause of this deterioration. When collagen starts to disappear, there are several ways to help build or replenish the lost collagen supply. Psoriasis appears as a lack of collagen within the body. Dermicoll Marine Collagen cream is the best external treatment for psoriasis not just because they are enriched with collagen, but also for its non-chemical
  • Jojoba oil - American Indians claimed that jojoba has magical abilities. They used the Jojoba as a hair restorer and conditioner, food, medicine and even as a protector of the skin against the strong solar radiations of the desert. The molecular structure of Jojoba Oil is natural and fully free of any unwanted substances; unlike any other oils, jojoba oil never gets greasy and somehow oily in touch; The skin is soft, smooth and moisturized after a regular use of the treatment for psoriasis
  • Vitamin D3 - Artificially produced vitamin D3 is as effective as medium-dosed cortisone preparations, with a lower side-effect rate.

The creams, ointments, and lotions recommended by dermatologists can stop the skin inflammation. They also remove excess scales and soften rough skin. In addition, moisturizing creams soothe itching sensations effectively. Phototherapy, which is also recommended to treat psoriasis, uses UVA, UVB or laser radiation to slow down the production of skin cells. Medication-shaped pills are used for psoriasis treatment of the most severe types.

Finally, there is another treatment for psoriasis that has been proven to be effective: spa therapy. Spa water has healing and anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the number and size of wounds.

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