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Dermicoll Marine Collagen Ointment Vs Hydrocortisone Cream Eczema

If you visit a dermatologist with problems of eczema, usually the first solution he will offer you is a hydrocortisone cream eczema treatment. It is a cream designed to reduce itchy sensation and eliminate redness and swelling related to many types of skin conditions. The topical corticosteroid works by stopping the formation, activity, and release of various cells and chemicals that develops redness, itching, and swelling. However, there are certain side-effects related to hydrocortisone cream eczema treatment as it is not free of steroids.

On the other hand, Dermicoll Marine Collagen Ointment, which is also a skincare product developed to specifically take care of eczema, provides a complete cure without causing any side-effects as such. The product is an all-natural marine collagen product which has been manufactured using collagen derived out of salmon skin. There are also ingredients including natural jojoba oil and eucerin which provide essential fatty acids and proteins needed to soothe the skin and keep it hydrated and moisturized. Unlike hydrocortisone cream eczema, marine collagen ointment is safe for everyday use.

Whyis  Dermicoll Marine Collagen Ointment a Better Eczema Cure Than Hydrocortisone Cream Eczema?

Dermicoll Marine Collagen Ointment first and foremost is steroids-free and hence poses no threats of side-effects in the long run. The ointment can be used anytime to cure eczema and eliminate symptoms like swelling, irritation, flakes, scales, weeping lesions, and pain. The natural collagen will help in restoring your skin back to normal by improving its texture and removing rashes and patches developed due to excessive rubbing. It gives you the much needed soothing effect and hydrates your skin from the inside. Dryness is often a cause for triggering eczema and hence, can be treated by this marine solution.

However, hydrocortisone cream eczema is a product that contains steroids and it is not advisable to use especially when a mother is pregnant, or she is breastfeeding. The cream also cannot be used if you are undertaking prescription or non-prescription medicine, supplements, or herbal medicines. In other cases like if a person has allergies to medicines or if he has a skin infection other than eczema, TB, or has recently undertaken vaccination, it is best to stay away from cortisone cream.

What Are The Most Likely Side-Effects Of Hydrocortisone Cream Eczema?

Due to its steroid content, the cream is restricted for use in certain conditions and it is advisable to consult a doctor before you start using it. The most likely side effects of hydrocortisone cream eczema include and are not limited to acne breakouts, excessive sweating, softening of the skin, dryness, skin irritation, and inflammation of the follicles of the hair.

In severe cases, the patient may also develop severe rash, itching, tightness in the chest, excessive swelling of the skin in areas that were not inflamed before, skin discoloration and thinning, burning, infection, pain, and difficulty in breathing. If any of those symptoms are noticed, you should immediately call a doctor. But there is a better and safer way out to stay away from these problems and opt for Dermicoll Marine Collagen natural eczema cure instead of hydrocortisone cream eczema.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Dermicoll Marine Collagen Natural Eczema Ointment?

The key benefits of Dermicoll Marine Collagen natural ointment include and are not limited to:

  • It is steroids free

Unlike hydrocortisone cream eczema, marine collagen is steroids-free and causes no side effects. The product is for everyday use.

  • It is an all-natural eczema treatment cream

The marine collagen in the cream is extracted out of salmon fish skin and works naturally to cure eczema and all symptoms associated with eczema including rashes, itching, flakes, scales, redness, swelling, and pain.

  • It provides soothing effect

The irritation caused by eczema and pain caused by excessive rubbing is soothed by the moisturizing effect contained in the jojoba oil and collagen.

  • It keeps skin hydrated

Dryness can trigger eczema and worsen its condition. however, application of marine collagen cream can keep the skin hydrated for a long period of time and regenerate dry cells.

  • It provides triple treatment

Collagen, jojoba oil, and eucerin combined together provide all the required fatty acids and proteins to keep the skin rejuvenated, moisturized and ward off any symptoms of eczema.

Instead of going for hydrocortisone eczema cream that contains steroids and poses a threat of side-effects, you can opt for the safer marine collagen cream to treat and completely cure eczema.

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