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Dermicoll Skin and Scalp Ointment Treatment for Psoriasis and Eczema

Psoriasis and eczema are becoming common in the modern world. With major dietary changes and emergence of the fast-food, the aggravating factors for these skin conditions are constantly increasing. Scalp psoriasis can be controlled to a large extent by dietary control. However, if spread, certain therapeutic measures have to be taken. We have developed a completely safe skin ointment for people suffering from psoriasis and eczema. This product named Dermicoll Skin and Scalp Ointment promises to be a revolution in the field of medicine. 

Treatment for Psoriasis and Eczema

You no longer have to worry about your skin conditions as Dermicoll offers completely safe treatment in the following ways:

Steroid-Free Formula:

People suffering from psoriasis and eczema often fear the use of skin ointments due to the presence of steroids in them. This fear is completely justified as the steroids are known for their toxicities and side-effects if used for a prolonged period of time. Although the topical application is known to have far less adverse effects, the risk of developing systemic steroid toxicities is still there if used on diseased portions of the skin. Dermicoll comprises of a completely skin-healthy formula with absolutely no use of steroids. This ensures the best results with the least possible adverse effects.

Active components:

Dermicoll is a product derived entirely from natural resources. Its active components comprise of collagen, eucerin and jojoba oil. These components have anti-inflammatory functions and are thus helpful in treating these skin conditions. Dermicoll works by getting your skin rid of dead cells and scales which contribute to the formation of scars, blotches and patches on the skin. This eliminates the causing factors of psoriasis and eczema which helps in restoration of the healthy skin.

High Efficiency:

Dermicoll is by far the most effective product of its kind available in the market. It readily restores freshness to blotchy parts of the skin so that it starts looking intact again. This high efficiency is attributed to the presence of the active form of collagen. It functions by acting as the holding substance for the skin cells. Collagen is a protein that the human body naturally produces in large amounts. This collagen plays a major role in keeping not just the skin but different components of the body. Exogenous or supplemental collagen has been known for years for its role in stimulating skin healing and repair process. This is useful for both medicinal as well as cosmetic purposes. We recommend taking Vitamin A and Vitamin C supplements and cut-short the consumption of large amount of sugar while using Dermicoll. This combination is sure to give you relief of your skin condition with a period of weeks, and with absolutely no side-effects at all.


You shall be surprised to know that you get this amazing package at a price of just $139.99. Getting the best possible solution for this low rate is literally a blessing. The low-price is due to the use of completely natural components. This is in contrast to the skin ointments that make use of steroid components. Such ointments are priced high due to the presence of synthetic components and yet fail to show the best results. We are providing you the healthiest formula in the best affordable price.

What Dermicoll Offers?

To sum up, Dermicoll offers multiple benefits in a low-price and a healthy way. The benefits of this ointment are briefed below:

  • Complete elimination of skin scales
  • Smoothing and healing effect on the skin
  • Relief of pruritus
  • Restoration of normal and healthy skin
  • Psoriasis treatment
  • Eczema treatment
  • Scalp psoriasis treatment

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