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Dermicoll- The Solution to Your Skin Treatment

Skin ointment treatment

Are you suffering from skin diseases? Is your skin becoming dry and rough? Is it causing irritations and frustrations? There is an ointment that you can try to repair it and make it smooth and fresh as it was earlier. Named Dermicoll, it is designed to give your skin all the care and nutrition it needs and gives you relief from the skin ailments. It eliminates the causes of psoriasis and eczema. It takes the skin back to normal condition. Its effectiveness becomes clear if we analyze its composition, properties and use.

It is mainly composed of three ingredients- salmon collagen, jojoba oil and eucerin. Each of these is effective in healing the skin. Not only does it heal the damaged skin but also maintains the skin well and prevents it from getting dried or damaged.

Salmon Collagen is an easily absorbable gel. It creates a network of protein and supports the collagens formed by the fibroblasts. The water and lipophilic substances are bounded by the network which prevents the skin from drying and rejuvenates it. Salmon collagen maintains triple helix. It remains alive and biologically active. It is the fish collagen only that can penetrate the skin and remains in original structure.

Jojoba oil is a fatty acid which is natural and unsaturated. It helps in self-oiling, moistening, nourishing the skin and gives it some relief and comfort. The oil is composed of cetyl palmitate, squalene, higher alcohol, fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and vitamin F. water loss from the transepidermis is lowered. As a result, the elasticity is increased and surface becomes shallow.

Eucerin is a natural, high molecular alcohol which activates natural metabolism. It is a strong emulgent and gives strength to the other components.  

Skin ointment treatment is one of the most effective treatments of skin. It works better and instantly than any oral medicine. There are different chemical and herbal ointments that have been used over the years for treating several inflammatory and allergic skin conditions. Dermicoll is one of the best skin ointments available and serves all the purposes of a skin ointment like moisturizing and anti-allergic functions.

Let us consider the unique properties of Dermicoll:-

  • Moisturization:- It acts as a natural moisturizer and oils it up.
  • Restoration of normal skin condition:- If your skin has dried up or has been damaged, it brings it back to the original condition.
  • It eliminates the scales:- The scales present in the skin are eliminated by Dermicoll.
  • It smoothens the skin:- It makes the skin smooth and soft.
  • Relief of pruritus:- It gives relief from pruritus.
  • The skin is made more elastic and firm
  • It strengthens the skin protective barrier.

Also, it protects the skin from various diseases like atopic dermatitis, abnormal scar forming, cuperosis and spider veins.

Instructions for use:-

Apply a thin layer of Dermicoll over the area of your lesion twice everyday for best results. You should also consult your dermatologist regarding the dosage for any severe skin problems.

Psoriasis is one of the most frustrating and persistent skin diseases. The multiplicity of the skin cells increases by ten times. Here, cells lying under the surface of the skin reach the surface and die. Red plaques covered with white scales is a common outcome. There are different theories and medications available for the disease. However, it becomes very uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with psoriasis. Dermicoll provides a good ointment treatment for such condition and helps in soothing of the skin and recovery.

Eczema is a disease in which patches of the skin become irregular and rough. Blisters develop which cause itching and bleeding. Skin inflammation and irritation are the common outcomes of this. The most common form of eczema is atopic eczema. Itchy, red and dry skin is the main problem that arises out of psoriasis. Skin care routine and life style changes are must for the remedy of eczema. Warm, mild showers and use of medicated soaps are also a part of the treatment. However, Dermicoll ointments work as the best cure for eczema with the unique ingredients and qualities.

Steroids play an important role in curing skin diseases and relieving the skin from dryness and irritation. But, their positive effects on skin have always been accompanied by adverse effects. They can cause liver diseases and heart attacks. Also, they can cause abnormal features like breast developments in men and facial acne. So, it is always better to avoid medicines containing steroids for treatment of skin diseases. One of the greatest benefits of using Dermicoll is that it contains no steroids. Its composition is 100% natural.

For skin irritations and ailments, use Dermicoll and get fast relief.


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