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4 Reasons That Show Why A Psoriasis Treatment With Collagen Enriched Cream is Beneficial

4 Reasons That Show Why A Psoriasis Treatment With Collagen Enriched Cream is Beneficial

psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the skin, which also occasionally affects the joints, and causes redness, scaling, pain and swelling. It can manifest with different intensity throughout life and it is not contagious.

In Europe and the US, it affects 2% of the population and appears mainly between 15 and 35 years of age, however, it can also affect kids and elderly people.
Psoriasis treatment is a necessity due to the serious negative effects that the disease can have over everyday people’s life.

Causes of Psoriasis and Why a Psoriasis Treatment is a must:

Although the specific origin of the disease is unknown, it is known to be a genetic disease.

It is also known to be a hereditary disease. If one of the two parents is psoriatic, one in eight children may suffer it; if both parents are affected, the probability is one in four. However, if none of the parents are psoriatic, the children yetmay be. In addition, it may happen that the genetic alteration is inherited, but the disease doesn’t develop because of the exogenous (external) factors that can also be the cause for its appearance.

Among the Exogenous Factors that can Trigger Psoriasis are:

  • Chronic infections
  • Nervous and stressful situations
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hormonal changes
  • Injuries (wounds, bumps, sunburn, etc.)
  • Benefits of Biological ( collagen ) Psoriasis Treatment Cream

One of the main pillars of a youthful appearance is collagen, which, when its inner production declines, we are facing weakened joints, and the skin starts losing its strength, beauty, luminosity, tonicity, elasticity etc.

Salcoll marine collagen provides the necessary collagen acting as a regenerator to restore youthfulness to the body with the right dosage of it, of course, achieving amazing results in a short time.

  1. The Cream Helps to Alleviate the Problems of Psoriasis and Acts as a Psoriasis Treatment Tool

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, not contagious, but produces scaly, thickened and inflamed lesions, with wide clinical and evolutionary variability. Dermatitis is a medical term that can refer to different skin conditions: simple or rash (swelling or redness of the skin) and atopic dermatitis (scaly-like eruptions). Moisturizing products help to mitigate the effects of dryness and irritation from psoriasis and the collagen helps to hydrate the skin from inside.

  1. Psoriasis Treatment Marine Collagen Cream is a Nutritious for the Skin

In the absence or decrease of collagen production, the skin is stretchingaway. Its capillary tissues are becoming thick and its capacity to retain nutrients and water decreases, therefore the skin is becoming dry. Collagen is essential protein needed to provide smoothness,firmness to the skin and keep it healthy.

  1. Collagen Slows Aging and Eliminates Scales, Flakes, and Redness

The first occurrences of the loss of collagen are wrinkles; they begin to appear around the eyes, neck, and neckline.
The flakes are usually caused by physical-chemical alterations that are leading to unwanted skin diseases. Otherwise, the sun, tobacco smoke, and pollution can also speed up the process and the occurrence of redness.  Jojoba oils, collagen,and vitamin C enriched psoriasis treatment cream are recommended because of their ability to stimulate melanocytic activity. The cream helps, diminishing existing skin spots and preventing the appearance of new spots, resulting in a smoother and even tone skin.

  1. The Psoriasis Treatment with Dermicoll Marine Collage Cream can Strengthen the Joints

For athletes, maintaining a good level of collagen is essential to optimize their performance and it plays a fundamental role in the synthesis of proteins.
The collagen is the most abundant protein in the tissues. It is essential for bones, tendons, ligaments and also cartilage. So, taking a marine collagen in any form (especially cream) will help you improve the health of your joints and tendons on a long term.

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